Noblesse Awakening – Kneel Before Noblesse!

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I was perusing through the web and stumbled on a review that Irina, a friend of mine, had written. I got so interested in the concept and thought to give it a try.

Here I am with the review for Noblesse: Awakening. Noblesse is a Korean Manhwa written by Son Jeho and illustrated by Lee Kwangsu. Posted in 2007 on Webtoon, and the story was concluded in 2019.

Noblesse Awakening is an OVA that gives a proper introduction to the story. Before you watch the Crunchy roll produced ‘Noblesse’ you should give this a watch. Otherwise, you won’t get an idea regarding the ‘story.’

Photo Courtesy : Noblesse – Awakening

The premise of the story talks about a Noble who existed many millennia ago, who protected the Nobles of the land who were targetted by humans. After years of slumber, he emerges from a Coffin and returns to the world that we know today. He is a vampire who existed almost 820 years ago and is known as the Noblesse.

What grabbed my eye about this anime is its gripping story and the tone it conveys. It is eerie as well as very classy. It feels like a slice of life anime but also enters and builds it’s world effectively.

Photo Courtesy : Noblesse – Awakening

Noblesse is a powerful noble who goes by the name of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. He awakens from his slumber in an abandoned building in South Korea and, is introduced to the new world. He wanders into a school that is run by his old servant Frankenstein.

Photo Courtesy : Noblesse – Awakening

Frankenstein runs a high school and, he works as a director there. His master is amazed by the new world and wants to engulf himself into what it had to offer. He enrolls as a student in Ye Ran Highschool. He befriends three students Shinrwu, Ikhan, and Yuna (Shinrwu’s love interest).

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel preferred to be known as Rai get accustomed to many things in the new world. He is very open to new things and quite optimistic.

Photo Courtesy : Noblesse – Awakening

Many suspicious people from the villain organization arrive at the scene in hopes of finding the remnants of the coffin. M-24 and M-21 are part of the organization and are acting with different intentions to find the Noblesse while their superiors are the real villains who want to go terrorizing Japan.

Photo Courtesy : Noblesse – Awakening

An incident involving Rai’s newly acquainted friends leaves them as targets for the organization to hunt. They are ‘captured,’ and the Director of the school Frankenstein is informed about their whereabouts.

Photo Courtesy : Noblesse – Awakening

The animation quality is really clear and refined. You won’t see one grey area that would catch your eye. It feels like a mix of slice of life mixed in with gruesome scenes. The portrayal of Rai is the best part, and it truly conveys the atmosphere of the anime to the viewers.

Frankenstein and Rai head towards the co-ordinates where they face the villains who are waiting for them. I cannot explain through words how this scene got me hooked on this anime. Frankenstein was damn strong but, Rai was savage.

Photo Courtesy : Noblesse – Awakening

The scene where he doesn’t look Jake in the eye and uses his power to make him kneel while saying that scum like him deserve to be beneath him conveys the royalty and superiority underlying in his character.

Photo Courtesy : Noblesse – Awakening

The dialogues, the soundtracks, and the animation are top-notch in this anime. The story is truly incredible and gripping. The characters are so relatable and vibrant and suit the environment that they are placed in. It was a treat watching this show and, I know that you would love it too.

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