One Piece Chapter 990 : Army Of One – A New Ally?

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Eichiro Oda has been pulling all the stops in writing the Wano war arc. Every week a lot of twists and turns come up to excite One PIece fans. This week is no different. Let’s dive into Chapter 990 of One Piece.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Kaido goes against the whole mink tribe. As strong as he is it is a tedious task to go against the ‘Sulong’ transformed creatures. Even Jack, one of Kaido’s commanders gets what he deserves. As Kinemom gets ready to attack Jack, he is interrupted by Nekomushi and Dogstorm. They tell him that they will take care of Jack.

Jack is the pirate who decimated Zou in search of Raizo. He killed many of the mink members and destroyed their village. There is a long due of vengeance left and Oda offers up the fiendish foe to his grave. They tackle Jack ferociously. This part was especially satisfying because he got paid back for the atrocious crimes he had committed.

At the performance stage, Queen and King discuss the inmates who escaped Udon Prison. Old Man Hyogor and a lot of samurai imprisoned for rebelling against Orochi were imprisoned down there. Now all of them want revenge for the injustice caused to them. Monkey D Luffy leads the whole alliance.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

King contact the tobbi-roppo. He explains that the situation has changed and there are 5000 members of the resistance attacking Kaido’s army of 30000 people. The odds of that are unprecedented but is in the favor of Luffy’s alliance.

A few moments before that Hawkins acts suspicious of X Drake and thinks that he might betray them. He tells him that if you are going to betray them, you should do it now. He prophesizes using his cards that there is a 1% chance of someone surviving the next day.

King explains that capturing Yamato is no longer a priority. Stopping the straw hats from heading over to Kaido is their current objective now. Everyone gets ready to attack the alliance.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Who’s who approaches X-Drake. He is also a traitor like X- Drake and has a goal to eliminate someone from inside Kaido’s organization. He wants to kill Queen and asks for X- Drake’s help.

As King looks into the performance stage, The straw hats and the Yakuza push forward to defeat the giants. The Yakuza faced with a predicament have to face Orochi’s ninja forces as well as the giants. They assure that they will take the straw hats to where they need to go and tell them to reserve their strength.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Unlike any shonen character, we know the Strawhats don’t do that. Each one of them is a monster, and the stamina and energy are unparalleled to anything in this world. During the Thriller Bark arc, the straw hats face Oars, a giant creature who was similar to these creatures. All of them together defeated him and almost got killed but the times have changed now. The Strawhats members have one more person now and their power level has tripled and quadrupled immensely.

Luffy, Zoro, and JInbe move to attack. Zoro slashes and dices, Jinbe stops the monsters’ metal club with his bare hands and Luffy goes Gear fourth and takes the monster out. The straw hats remember their time together in thriller bark which was a long time ago. We have never got the Strawhats together like this ever since Fishman arc. The hype is real and the straw hats are not messing around. This war is taking a twist for the better. Oda Senpai, Thank you!!!!.
Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Drake has the living daylights knocked out of him by Queen. Whos WHo double-crossed Drake and sided with Queen. He might as well be executed at this point but he transforms and tries to escape. He thinks to himself, is there even a way to escape from this hell hole?

He remembers that Tobi, yes Luffy’s friend from episode 1 of One Piece, told him that Luffy- San is awesome. As he falls from the sky he takes down a giant simultaneously with Luffy.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

” Strawhat Luffy !! For Reasons I cannot say now, I am an army of One!! Please let me fight on your side!! ” he says.

Luffy’s reaction to this priceless and I bet the readers had a similar reaction as his. Every page of this manga is filled with twists and turns. I cant wait to see how this spectacle of a story turns out. This could be the greatest story that anyone has ever told.

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