One Piece Chapter 989 : I Can’t Imagine Losing – The New Strawhat Formation

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One Piece is picking up the pace and with its latest chapter, the excitement continues. In the previous chapter, Franky rode in a motorbike and revved it up on Big Mom’s face. There was nothing more satisfying than that.

For a long time, we hadn’t seen Franky in action. The whole cake island Arc he wasn’t there and finally in Wano we get to see him fight.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Big Mom is not even shaken by this attempt to stop her. She compliments Brooke for his vivid collection of members in the straw hats.
Franky teasingly asks if she liked his bike.

Nami is pretty tensed and warns Franky that Big Mom is an emperor. He asks Nami if she was trying to make Luffy the pirate king or not?

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Franky’s confidence and bravado make you want to see him more. He is pretty adamant in defeating Big Mom. In that instant 3 giants called the Numbers to join the fight. They are a race similar to Oars from Thriller Bark. They were giants that Kaido brought in from Punk Hazard.

This war is the culmination of everything that has happened ever since the time skip. The path leading from Punk Hazard to Wano paves the way for this War.

Eichiro Oda, the author of One Piece said that the Marineford arc would look like child’s play in front of the Wano Kuni War and he might be right. He is pulling the stops on this war arc and making every chapter exciting. To bring all these elements from the stories he has portrayed is a magnificent feat. No wonder people call him Goda.

Franky notices something suspicious in the Giant’s hands. It is the Branchio tank. Ussop and Chopper are still in there.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Franky’s sights diverted, Big Mom attacks from behind. Jinbe pulls back her hand and flips her using Fishman Judo. With the help of Nico Robin, she rolls down like a ball of hay in a storm. It was pure One Piece hilariousness.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

This is what has been missing from One Piece the past few arcs. The whole crew together again and cooperating in this fashion. The beauty of friendship and adventure. That is what One Piece is about. With this Jinbe has made his mark in the war as a member of the Strawhats ♥️.

The Captain of the Strawhats Monkey D Luffy rushes towards Kaido. As he rockets upwards he meets Zoro and Queen. Zoro casually joins along to beat up Kaido. At that very instant Queen transforms into his Zoan form and bites into Luffy. King also arrives at the scene to take care of business.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

The Strawhats have this special ability to influence the environment they are in. The battles inside Onagashima keep getting better and better and all the allied forces are hyped up due to this. Old Man Hyogor claims that even if hope looks slim since the Strawhats are there he feels everything is going to be fine.

The main highlight of this chapter is the money shot at the end. The Strawhats with its new member standing in a very cool formation. Eichiro Oda subtly discuses the power scaling between Luffy’s crew and what to expect for the future. Damn it’s a pretty good time to be a One Piece fan.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Luffy heads on up to beat up Kaido while Zoro and Sanji face off against Queen and King respectively. Each chapter presents a sense of excitement and that is what One Piece is all about. The Cogs and Gears are finally aligning together to form a hell of a great series. The fight for Wano and the dominance of the ocean continues.

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