One Piece Chapter 988 : Sorry For The Wait – Big Mom Against The Strawhats

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The One Piece has been keeping us on edge with this new war arc, and it is nothing less than magnificent.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Dogstorm and Nekomunshi from Zou and a bunch of their followers have assembled outside Onagashima. They have been waiting for the full moon so that they can be at their strongest when facing Kaido. As per plan they transform into their Sulong form and attack Kaido. Jack, one of Kaido’s top men, tells him that it is a momentary transformation and he can last the attack force until it ends.

Back at the main stage, Momonosuke’s execution turned out to be a historic turning point for Wano due to the sudden attack of the Akazaya Nine on Kaido. Shinobu tries to remove him from his shackles, but Queen spots her. She is flung from the top of the stage and plummets to the bottom. At that moment, Momonosuke’s shackles break and he floats on thin air.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Queen and King were shocked, suspect that it might be the work of the devil. It’s non-other than Sanji in his raid suit. He stops King’s advances and throws Momonosuke onto Shinobu’s safe hands.

He commends Momo between all this madness. Sanji and Momonuske have had a lot of funny fights and disagreements but they always seem to make things right. Sanji accepted Momo as a man on this day and it is wonderful to see their relationship bloom.

While Sanji wasn’t looking King transforms into his animal form. He turns into a pterodactyl and almost pierces into Sanji’s stomach. King is not kidding when he says that he will make a hole in him and split him in 2. They crash into a building and the fate of Sanji is again, uncertain and hangs in the balance.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Big Mom goes all out against Luffy. To recap, Luffy ruined the wedding, the tea party, and now the fire festival at Onagashima. Big Mom getting angry at Luffy is the most natural thing and from her point of view for good reason. She attacks Luffy and he realizes that he has to deal with her here and now before she helps the others.

Big Mom spots Zeus and rushes towards Nami to attack her. Zeus falls into the clutches of Big Mom. Nami is heartbroken but at that moment Sanji enters the scene, and this is by far one of the funniest moments since the war arc started.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

He enters in his General Franky robot and squishes Big Mom’s head with its tires. Brook also joins him and It was so satisfying to see hope restored for the alliance.

When something serious is going on the Strawhats getting into trouble, in the most hilarious is what One Piece is famous for. It is a fun story about adventure and drama. Eichiro Oda hypes up the scene in every chapter and we can’t get enough of this. One Piece continues to build upon its war arc and it continues to excite every reader. I would suggest you read this spectacle from the comfort of your home.

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