One Piece Episode 936 : Get The Hang Of It! The Land of Wano’s Haki – Ryou! – A Review

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One Piece has been on a roll ever since its 1-month hiatus and it keeps getting better and better. Episode 936 of One Piece is the main highlight of the day and it contained a lot of exciting parts.

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eichiro Oda. It revolves around Monkey D Luffy and the straw hat pirates who venture into the Grand line in search of the One Piece Treasure. Monkey D Luffy dreams of becoming the pirate king and changes the world by doing that.

Kozuki Hiyori :

In the last episode fans were mind -blown when they got to know about the true identity of Komurasaki. She was none other than Kozuki HIyori, the daughter of Kozuki Oden. Shocked and stunned Zoro finds out her real identity and wants to know more about her.

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She iterates her story to Zoro. A glimpse into the past shows Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, and Momonuske in front of their mother and Hiyori. The castle is burning down in flames she orders them to go to the past so there is hope for the future. She sends Momonuske and the other retainers to the future.

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Hiyori lost everything that day. Her father, bother, and her mother. Kawamatsu the Kappa had rescued Hiyori from the wreckage of the burning castle and taken care of her till the age of 13.

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It is appalling to see that for the sake of the girl Kawamatsu never used to eat food much. He wanted to keep Hiyori safe and secure. He cared for her like a father and became her everything. He cheered her up no matter what.

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Kawamatsu the Kappa is a warrior samurai who sacrificed his life to save Hiyori. His character has personified the emotion conveyed more so than a physical persona. How caring and kind he was, how brave he was, and what a good parent he was, putting Hiyori’s needs first.

Only identities of 6 members of the Akazaya Nine revealed Zoro is curious about the remaining 3 members. Hiyori tells him that Kawamatsu and Ashura Doji are 2 of the Akazaya nine. A surprise character named Tanjiro is still to surface.

The difference in Wano’s storytelling style is that the world-building does not happen at the beginning of the Arc. Oda is steadily and intricately sowing the seeds for the world to rise from the ground and bloom a spectacle. He twists and turns characters and pulls surprises from nowhere. Wano Kuni arc marks the beginning of a truly different type of storytelling experience and by now everyone has a grasp on that.

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This episode gives the fans one of the cutest scenes ever. Otoko and Zoro sleeping like siblings is everything that you would want.

Disputes between the alliance:

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In Ebisu town, Shinobu and Law argue about who leaked the information about the attack. Shinobu accuses Law’s crew of leaking the information after they get caught. Law storms off in anger to save his crew. ” How can people who don’t trust each other fight in a deadly battle? ” Law says. These words resonate through Shinobu and the others. Trust is the foundation towards success and it is something inevitable.

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Nami and Ussop share their personal opinions between themselves. It’s refreshing to see them talking in peace after so long. The straw hats just talking about stuff brings the nostalgia of the old days. Nami understands Shinobu’s frustration because she had waited for 20 years to get revenge on Kaido. Law on the other hand considers his crew as a family and can’t abandon them. Oda in a subtle way emphasizes the fact that everyone’s opinion does matter and the choices we make create more opportunities in the future.

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A bunch of strangers have approached Ebisu town and they have fled from the capital. Komurasaki A.K.A Hiyori had cheated them out of their dirty money. They were bad people who tormented the citizens of Wano and they got what they deserved. Yasui was kind enough to give them shelter in the town.

Wano Kuni’s secret Haki – Ryou:

A confused Luffy has no idea how to master this new form of Haki. Hyogoro asks him what he exactly wants to do. He understands that Haki might be a foreign term and in Wano it’s called Ryou.

He understands that he wants to face an enemy and take him down without touching them. He asks Luffy to predict the next attack of Alpaca Man. Like a blooming blue flower, his ryou spreads like an invisible shield on his hand. He thrusts his hand onto Alpaca Man’s throat and it incapacitates him.

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Old Man Hyogoru’s skill amazes Luffy. The prisoners start to believe that he might be Wano Kuni’s old yakuza Hyoguro the flower. A fraction of hope returns to their hearts. Old Man Hyogoru wants to help Luffy learn this new Haki. Luffy excitement has no bounds.

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Old Man Hyoro considered to be a feeble old man, and who’s spirit crushed had lost all hope in life. He was at the brink of death and had given up on life. Luffy and his involvement gave him new life and purpose. Oda intertwines lives in such a way that we understand to help someone is to free them from shackles of an invisible obstacle. This is the beauty of One Piece.

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If you had stopped watching One Piece for some time, I would suggest you start to rewatch it. big things are coming and it is going to create history. The spirit of adventure continues.
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