One Piece Episode 935 : Zoro Stunned ! The Shocking Identity Of The Mysterious Woman ! – A Review

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One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eichiro Oda. It has been the top-selling manga in the world for over 2 decades and is still going strong. One Piece follows the story of Monkey D Luffy and the Strawhat pirates in the pursuit of the coveted treasure One Piece. He aims at becoming the pirate king and changing the perspective of the world.

Opening 23:

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

The new opening Dreami’n On is a treat for manga readers. As always Oda has included a lot of spoilers in the Opening that only the manga readers can find out. It serves the purpose of hyping up people for the events of the upcoming year and the year after that.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

The journey of Oden and Whitebeard, the fight between Whitebeard and Gol D Roger, and a glimpse of young Blackbeard as well hype me up.

Next round of Queen’s Sumo Inferno:

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

The next contenders who are up against Luffy are Alpaca-Man and Armadillo- Man, to of the gifters. Armadillo -Man has a hard shell and has a gun containing sea-stone bullets. Sea- stone is a material considered effective in subduing Devil fruit users. Alpaca- Man has a deadly spit and is also a swordsman.

Armadillo – Man possesses a rock hard body that will enable Luffy to evolve his technique more. He can freely execute his new move on him.

As a manga reader, this was one of the episodes everyone looks forward to. Luffy uses his Haki to predict the movements of the attackers and attack accordingly.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

Old man, Hyogoru had lost his will to live, defeated and embarrassed, demoralized to the edge. Luffy has this aura on him that he projects on others which boosts up their morale. Luffy instructs Old Man Hyoguro to follow a certain pattern of movement. He delivers a nice blow on Alapca- man and he goes down.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

Armadillo – Man bombards Luffy with bullets but he manages to evade them all. The control over his Haki has improved drastically and he moves with easy, not even graced one bit. He tries to use his new Haki technique on Armadillo- Man but it does not work. He is ambitious and doesn’t want to back down from a fight.

Armadillo- Man, and Alpaca- Man combines their strengths and turns into a spinning top equipped with specific artillery. Luffy evades their shots with Old Man Hyugoro on his back. Finally, he pummels them down with the special Haki. He still is only able to unlock a small amount of that power.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

Luffy’s determination to find a new power interest Old man Hyuogoro. He finally understands that his goal is much more than escaping. The next episode is going to be a treat for the fans.

Rasetsu Town Public Prison :

The prisoners that X Drake and Basil Hawkins captured have been reprimanded here. Every one of them had crescent moon tattoos on their legs and hence transferred to this prison. They argue that it is a popular tattoo in the flower capital.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935
Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

Furkurukoju shows them the flyer that he found which is a call sign for a rebellion against Kaido. The shock and concern about the sudden developments leave them speechless.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

Bepo and the others are imprisoned as well. Beaten up to a pulp, they are incapable of moving. The worst of their fears is that if everyone would think that they spilled the beans on the information. They believe that their captain will come to save them.

The real identiy of Komurasaki:

Zoro, Komurasaki, and Otoko recuperate at an abandoned house at Northen Graveyard in the Ringo district. Zoro has been plastered up and is resting.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

He wakes up and by his side is Komurasaki, preparing food and medicine to help him. She thanks Zoro for helping in saving their lives.

Otaku wants to help out Zoro with the toad oil she stole from Ussop. I genuinely appreciate how friendly Otoko and Zoro’s interactions are. He is very kind to Otoko and she applies the ointment on him. She touches Zoro’s hands and requests him to stay with him. Zoro is genuinely touched by this and stays as she says.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935
Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

Eichiro Oda has a purpose for each of his characters. He truly envisions them and flushes out their traits. The sweetness of that girl towards Zoro, him reciprocating those feelings, and providing them with hope is just a wonderful sight.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 935

Zoro eats some food and drinks Sake. He asks details about who they were and why they were attacked by the assassin. She tells him that she made Orochi mad and that’s why the assassin was after them.

As Zoro drinks his Sake, Komurasaki wants to tell him a secret about her identity. She wants to request Zoro in assisting her to find her brother.
” His name is Kozuki Momonosuke,” she says. The shock on Zoro’s face is clear. The rest you can figure out by watching the episode. 😀

Photo Courtesy : One Piece


One Piece slowly and steadily picking up the pace. As Oda has mentioned this is the beginning of the end. Old Man Hyogoru is slowly realizing what kind of person Luffy is. He is a person who’s goals far exceeds anything that he would’ve ever imagined. Toko and Zoro share a wonderful relationship and I love that Zoro can be a sweetheart as well. The reveal that Komurasaki is Hiyori Kozuki is just mind-blowing. The backstory about that is much awaited.

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