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God of Highschool is a Korean Manhwa written and illustrated by Yonjge Park and produced by Mappa Studios. It revolves around JIn Mori and his companions who take part in an all style fighting event to be the number one in Korea.

Synopsis and Review:

The past few episodes have been filled with fighting scenes that leave us speechless. Of course, some parts were there that was heartwarming but we had not gone in too deep into one of our main characters Psychi.

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The episode titled Wedding / Bond revolves around Mira Yoo. Mira, Jin, and Han are seen walking down the footpath going to their homes as usual after the tournament. We get to know that the next round is the semifinal and one of the matches is going to be Han v Mira. Right at that moment a stranger approaches them and asks for Mira’s hand in marriage.

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We are shown the inside of Mira’s home where she is seen picking out a wedding gown from brochure along with her little sister.

Mira was proposed by the owner of a wealthy sports company and one of the best martial artists in the world Seongjin. He approaches her because he is fascinated by her abilities and her lineage towards the moonlight sword. He promises to her that if she marries, he will bring back the moon sword style and make it the greatest in the world. He also tells her that he is the only one who can do it in a rather sinister fashion.

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When Mira was a little girl when she lost her father and his brother took responsibility for her. She is the only living heir to the moon sword style. In an attempt to take on his late brother’s tradition, he becomes a teacher to train people in the art of the moon sword style. He fails and that leaves a disturbing image in Mira’s mind.

In the present, Mira’s guardian meets the guy she is going to marry. He asks as of what intentions he has in marrying her. She is a child. He says that he had seen potential in her and he tauntingly tells him that he wants to revive his families tradition. Bad vibes come out of him.

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Jin Mori is seen confused about what burger he should order. He gets to know from some bystanders that Mira is getting married to Seongjin. Mori goes to Mira’s house to confront her on why she is getting married. After each passing episode, you start falling in love with Jin Mori and start relating to him. He is strong as well as a good friend who only wants to do good things. He’s like a new Goku. 😀

Mira getting into this marriage for an ulterior motive other than love depicts an immoral aspect of our society. Some people are forced into marriage as an ultimatum towards a larger goal and it defeats the purpose of marriage. We can relate to Mira because she is a strong woman who wishes to do anything for her father’s tradition coming to fruition.

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Jin Mori talks with his friend Han. He explains to him that everyone has their perspective of things and we cannot change it. So it is better to not get involved in this.

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Mira wears a wedding dress and is ready for betrothal. Her uncle recollects certain memories from the past. We see that Mira has sacrificed a lot of things so that she can attain her goals. Her uncle has seen her through some trying times still putting up a strong face.

Her uncle goes to the groom and tells him to call off the wedding. He explains to him that she is not mature to make decisions yet. She tells her uncle its alright and she is happy. Her hunger for the attainment of her dream has set her on a wrong path and her sister, Suma regrets that she couldn’t do anything to sway her off her disastrous path.

Jin Mori and Suma try to enter the stage but they are blocked by Seongjin’s bodyguards. he tries to get through them but he is threatened by them.

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We get to know that this is all a ruse set up by Seongjin. He is a part of the evil organization that was introduced. Their main motive is to acquire the moonlight sword and its heir who can wield its power. It is a relic that can control God as mentioned by the organization’s leader.

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Han Daewi arrives to set things in motion. He takes down the guards and proceeds to the staging area along with Jin Mori. Jin and Han enter fashionably inside the staging area to stop the wedding and to convince Mira to get out of this marriage.

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Seongjin attacks them with a katana but his attempts are thwarted by Han. In this gap, Mori tries to convince Mira to not marry the guy.
It is endearing to see the characters’ friendships bloom. This series tries to flush out their characters one by one. I realize that it is more than the fights and emotions behind each move are what make this anime golden.

Mira’s uncle and her sister, both support her and only wants what’s best for her. They form a supportive influence on Mira and are the main reason for removing imaginary shackles of tradition.

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The words Mori’s grandfather says and what Mira’s father conveys strike a very strong similarity. They are different people yet their beliefs are the same. To do what you want and to follow your path to fulfill your destiny creates a special bond between these two and I believe that fans would be loving this.

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Seongjin retaliates against all three of them as he unlocks a different kind of power. The three of them had seen this power in action before in the tournament and they know that this does not end well.

Mira gets cut by his sword but in a counter-measure, she uses Moonlight sword style No.6 monkey arm to send him flying and decimates him completely.

She lets go of her past insecurities and looks on to the future. With the help of her new friends, she attains a new sense of happiness.

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This happiness is cut short when Han’s friend in the hospital goes into critical condition. A few people bully him in the office he worked in and trash talk on his friend. Something inside Han snaps and he incapacitates them.

The ending of this episode was quite disturbing. When we thought our three main characters were bonding, Mori sees that Han has gone on a rampage and taken it out on Mira. She is left in a pool of blood and the referee had to stop him to avoid any more injury. Everyone wants to reach the top and there is no place for friends there.

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He challenges Mori to meet him in the finals and he accepts. I would love to see how Mori handles this issue in his very carefree way.
Can Mori snap Han out of this dismal state?
Or will it consume him and make him a greater threat in the future?
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