Haikyu!! Inarizaki V Karasuno(Volume 29-Part 2)- A Review

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I’m back with another review. Today I’m going to be reviewing Chapter 256-260 of Haikyu!!
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Haikyu!! is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It revolves around a short boy, Hinata Shoyo who dreams of becoming a wonderful player in volleyball, like his idol, the Little Giant.

Volume 29 ( Part 2 ) – Analysis and Review:

Chapter 256: The Evening Moon

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Tsukishima has intelligently and tactically blocked the super-quick of the Miya twins. The whole Inarizaki team is in shock. Their momentum has been rattled by this powerful block. Now its time for Karasuno to get back at them. The momentum is in their hands and the next server is Asahi. He launches a powerful serve, which is intercepted by their libero. They launch an attack and it is deflected by Tsukishima. Tanaka smashes the ball and gets a deflection of the blocker’s hand. Karasuno scores.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Yamazaki serves next and it is intercepted by Sawamura. Kageyama goes straight for a high set and Tsukishima smashes the ball above the blockers at the highest point. Its a score for Karasuno.

Tsukishima has brought the team’s confidence in many ways than one. What was considered as the Kryptonite to Karasuno’s team has been blocked by Tsukishima. The more matches he plays, the more enthusiastic he becomes to play volleyball. He has come a long way from being the lazy volleyball player to a magnificent analyst of the ball.

Chapter 257: Proper

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Hisashi Kinoshita, a pinch server of Karasuno walks onto the court. He is a bit tensed and is intimidated by the opponent. They are professional players who have been interviewed on tv and have been a step ahead of them always. More than sports this show focuses on character building and gives importance to every character. Coach Ukai tells him that there are only 3 players on the backcourt and that is all that he needs to focus on. Those simple words give him strength and a riding force to go against the opponents. The float serve goes to a nasty spot but Inarizaki digs it up.

Coach Ukai and Hinata had plotted out a plan to stop Inarizaki’s super-quick. As Nekoma’s Inouka commit blocked Hinata, they wanted to use the same tactic on Osamu Miya. They figured out that the shot was actually a temporary one and they can only spike it from the right side. They set the ball and Osamu Miya strikes the ball but Hinata Shoyo is there to block him. The best part of this manga is that the drawings move. The jumps, the positions, everything is detailed and brings a sense of excitement. This is exactly why it is one of the acclaimed sports mangas in the world.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

With that wonderful serve, Karasuno pulls through to make the score even. Everyone is shocked when a short guy jumps in front of a six-foot player. Unfortunately, the celebrations shortlived. Inarizaki in consecutive moves takes away the momentum from Karasuno. Their adversaries are always fast on their feet and utilize every opportunity they get.

Chapter 258: Experience levels

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

The experience gap between Karasuno and Inarizaki is visible. It cannot be denied and to fight it is a herculean feat. The team realizes this fact and they engage for a counter-attack. Coach Ukai suggests that the team tries” the lost in the crowd” approach. It has been effective against so many opponents and its worth a shot.

Inarizaki serves the ball and Sawamura digs it. An all-out back and forth battle commences and in the end, Inarizaki gets a net touch foul. They inch a bit more closer to tie the score.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Hinata starts thinking to himself why they aren’t scared of him being in the front row. He recollects all his past experiences and imagines all the scary blockers he’s gone against. He thinks about a kind of block will give them a message. The guardian angel of Karasuno, Nishinoya is the fiercest player in his mind. Hinata paves the way for the ball so that Nishinoya can dig it.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Haikyu!! conveys the kind of thinking process that each player goes through before making a move. All these thoughts happen in a split second. This chapter showcases how Karasuno has defied the odds and stood up for themselves. They convey a message to the readers that if you try things differently, always then opportunities will pop up every time.

Chapter 259: Get’ Em! Get’ Em! Go! Go!

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Hinata with his quick reflexes guides the ball to Nishinoya. They do an attack in synchronization and score. The score is now even and the momentum is in Karasuno’s hands now.

Kageyama serves the ball with mighty strength. The ball is intercepted by their libero. The ball is set to Ojiro who smashes through a triple block. There is something quite frightening about this.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Ojiro serves next and Tanaka receives the ball. It goes up but there was a slight miscalculation. Hinata amazes everyone by emergency set and Asahi spikes the balls above the blockers. Score!!!!!!! for Karasuno.

Hinata starts to finally understand that there is more to volleyball than just spiking. The overall development is what he is after and that is what’s driving him. Haruichi Furudate does this for all his characters and that is what sets Haikyu apart from the other stories. A gripping story and growing characters.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Yamaguchi steps up to serve as a pinch- server. He has demonstrated countless times that he can overcome situations and push the team forward. He remembers the training he had gone through before the nationals. A reset point is set so that focus will be crystal clear. Unfortunately, the focus point he had set is being blocked by a banner.

Chapter 260: Desperation

Yamaguchi is in a sticky situation. Makoto Shimada, Yamaguchi’s mentor rushes towards the top of the stands. Yamaguchi is tensed because he can’t find a reset point. Shimada San raises a bag with that says SHimida mart and he uses that as a rest point.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Yamaguchi serves and it goes directly to Ojiro. He underestimates the serve and its a service ace for Yamaguchi. The crowd goes wild and his teammates are ecstatic. Karasuno is in the lead now.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Yamaguchi is one of my favorite characters in the series. We all have been in a position where we doubt our abilities. TO overcome those hurdles is what makes us human, what makes us grow. He is the embodiment of that and shows us all that hard work can pay off.

Yamaguchi serves again and this time Ojiro makes sure to bump it. Inarizaki counter-attacks and Yamaguchi is there to dig the attack but it is too powerful. Tanaka runs behind the ball but he rolls into the wall, failing to receive the ball.

Karasuno is a team that takes every rally to be their last. Giving up a rally is not a luxury they have. They have to go all out to get a point.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

A serve by Inarizaki and Sawamura manages to digs the ball. The ball goes out of the court but Karasuno does not have the luxury of giving up. They cant quit before the ball hits the ground. Kageyama runs like the wind to receive the ball from outside the court. As long as the ball does not hit the ground the play is still alive. He miraculously sets the ball from outside the court and inside the limitations of the bar to Karasunos court.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Will they be able to pull off an attack from there?
Will they be blocked out?
Will tell you next time. Until then see ya! 😀

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