One Piece Chapter 985 : New Onigashima Project – A Review

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Today we will be discussing Chapter 985 of One Piece.

Its been a busy week and a lot of manga chapters have come out. One of them has ended as well and will try my best to cover them all.
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One Piece is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Eichiro Oda. It has celebrated its 23rd anniversary this Sunday and is on its way into its final phase of storytelling. It is a story that revolves around Monkey D Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, documenting their adventures around the World.

Synopsis of the Chapter:

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

A few members of the Alliance reach the rear entrance of Onigashima. A team that consists of Raizo, Izo, Kiko, and various other members reach the gate. Waiting for them was Kanjuro the traitor. He had recruited some members from Kaido’s crew and had drawn two headless samurai to ambush the alliance.

They ask for the whereabouts of Momonusuke. Kanjuro explains to them that he had made an attempt to escape but was foiled. As punishment, he beat him up until he was unconscious. Kiku and the others tremble after hearing this. Enraged at hearing this, Kiku dawns her samurai helmet and rushes to attack Kanjuro. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi also gear up to attack and push forward.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

The scene cuts to Luffy and Yamato discussing Kozuki Oden in the attic. Yamato tells Luffy that, since Luffy is Ace’s brother he is the one who should take her along with him in his ship. Just as Oden joined the Pirate King, Gol D Roger, similarily she wants to do this as well. She explains that she has been shackled for from the age of 8 and escaping from Kaido’s sight will trigger a bomb that may or may not kill her. She tells Luffy about the mental abuses she had to go through because of Kaido. Luffy without a word in reply to that asks if she wants him to take off the shackles. He valiantly tells her that he is going to knock Kaido down in front of her and in response, she says that she wishes that she could do the same.

We transition into the main stage where Kaido is giving a speech. He explains that it was not a coincidence that the Navy has decided to disband the seven Warlords. They have found some source of power to take on the Pirates and stop them once and for all. In a shocking turn of events, he announces ” We have joined hands with the Big Mom Pirates to seize control of the Ancient Weapons “

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Big Mom rushes into the stage with a bunch of inanimate objects who are alive. We can see a glimpse of Nami and Zeus. Robin and the other Strawhats in disguise are worried. ” We are going to claim the One Piece”. These words resonated through Onigashima shocking everyone. Luffy and Yamato are ticked off at the sight of this news. Orochi laughs sinisterly in the back.

Kaido asks a very curious question after his shocking announcement. ” Followers of Orochi, you must choose now? “. He explains that he wants to make Wano a paradise for Pirates and the flower Capital is going to be the base of operations.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

The instant that Orochi reacts proclaiming that the flower capital is his property, Kaido launches an attack taking off Orochi’s head, killing him. All his followers are shocked. He loudly proclaims that as of this day Onigashima is no more and the flower capital is going to be New Onigashima.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

Wano as we know it is going to be turned into a pirate empire in preparation for the World War. The Shogun will be his son Yamato. Enraged by this Yamato and Luffy rush into the battle. TO BE CONTINUED. 😀

Photo Courtesy : One Piece

My review:

This chapter marked the beginning of the end of One Piece as we know it. The World War is on the way and the hunt for One Piece begins. The turning point after this will be action-packed and a sight to see. As I write this review goosebumps course through my hands. The excitement fills my veins, the adventures continue and secrets will be revealed. What is One Piece and how will it change the world as we know it?
10/ 10 for this Chapter. It was mind-blowing. Start reading the manga. It is going to be worth it.

Did you like my review. Drop your opinions and theories in the comments. Until next time. See you!

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