One Piece Episode 933 : Gyukimaru ! Zoro fights a duel on bandit’s bridge!- A review

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Today we are going to discuss episode 933 of One Piece.

One Piece is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Eichiro Oda. It has been running Shueisha Shonen Jump Magazine for over 2 decades. After the Haitus due to the COVID 19 virus, One Piece has been on a roll. Let’s dive into today’s episode.

Luffy continues to fight Queen’s men in his Sumo Inferno along with Old man Hyogor by his side. Luffy wants to learn a new kind of technique that was before shown to him by Rayleigh. He is adamant in learning that moves through this tournament that he pulls out all the stops. He understands that it is the only way by which he can take down Kaido.

The next round begins and it is against the gifters, Batman ( I hope there are no copyright issues there 😀 ) and Gazzeleman. These were the same people who abducted Tama from Luffy’s hand, leading to an altercation with Holdem.

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The animation in this episode looks fluid. Luffy takes down Gazzelman with his Haki in a single blow. Batman rapidly shoots arrows from the air. Luffy dodges all his attacks like a swift ninja.

He remembers Rayleigh’s words when he says that before using that specific kind of Haki he has to imagine an invisible armor around him. Through this process, he can defeat an opponent with a direct strike and you don’t even have to touch an opponent to land a blow on him.

We jump to the next scene where Zoro is confronting Gyukimaru. He suspects that he has stolen his sword Shisui. This ends up in an epic fight to the death. Zoro is told about Ryumu , the legendary samurai of Wano who fended off pirates who were searching for gold there. He is slightly enticed by this fact but all Zoro wants is his sword back.

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He hears a voice calling for help. When he turns to look, it is none other than Komurasaki and the girl who smiles Toko. They are frantically running towards the bandit’s bridge and chased by someone mysterious.

This person flies in from the sky to assassinate Komurasaki and Toko but his efforts are thwarted by Zoro. His name is Hitokiri Kamazo. He is a wanted man in Wano. He was apparently sent by Orochi to finish off Komurasaki and the little girl.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 933

Zoro agrees to handle the issue in return for Sake and Food. He has met a very strong swordsman. At the end of the episode, Zoro removes his robe to be freer. Now the fun begins.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 933

My review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It had action, a great pace, and the animation was flawless. Luffy’s character development is not noticed by many but he has changed in leaps and bounds. I feel like now he is thinking more before attacking ( I’ll regret these words ahead in the story: Spoilers!!!).

Whenever Zoro appears on the screen, he has this great presence to him. The fight scenes with Zoro involved are badass. He is an all-around slasher when it comes to protecting someone. The next episode is also going to be incredible and something to look forward too.
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