Haikyu!! Inarizaki V Karasuno(Volume 29- Part 1)- A Review

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Haikyu! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It revolves around Hinata and Kageyama, two rivals that end up at the same school. Hinata Shoyo is short and lacks the skill to play volleyball. Through perseverance and training, he proves that height does not matter in the sport of volleyball. He and his team from Karusono Highschool aim to the top, The Nationals.

Chapter Analysis ( 249-255):

The round 2 games begin.
Inarizaki High School v Karasuno Highschool.
Both teams warm up before the game. The Miya twins show their capabilities for setting and spiking a ball.
Our freak duo Kageyama and Hinata show how good they are while performing a set. Inarizaki’s Ace is astonished by the vertical limit of Hinata’s jump.

Atsume Miya serves first. The band playing behind is halted by one single sign and he serves the ball. The first one is out but it does the work of intimidating our team. Kageyama sets the ball to Hinata but Hinata instead tries to experiment with something. The ‘Dun’ jump that Hinata was practicing actually works. He jumps above the blockers and he forgets to spike the ball. He is embarrassed by it but the opponents are astonished by how brave they are to try something.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Their next server Suna goes on a nasty serving spree which puts Sawamura in a sticky spot. Hinata bumps the ball up for Tanaka to spike but he is thwarted by the blockers. Atsume Miya sets to their ace who cleanly smashes the ball into Karasuno’s side of the court.

Suna serves again and he leaves Sawamura in a sticky spot to dig the ball. Kageyama swirls and rebounds the ball from the blocker’s hands. The freak duo commences their attack and score in quick succession.
Everyone goes wild in the stadium.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Kageyama serves next and he fails. All their attack rhythms are off-balance. The team realizes that the drumbeat by Inarizaki’s cheering team has disrupted their pace. They struggle to get a grip on the match.
Tanaka messes up a serve while the other team cashes in on the opportunity and attacks Karasuno’s Libero Nishinoya. The cavalry arrives.
Tanaka’s big sister arrives with a mighty band to smoothen things over.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Saeko Rynosuke’s band starts her upbeat rhythms. Karasuno starts controlling the pace of the game. Tanaka digs a difficult ball and hands it over to Kageyama. He sets a pretty fast set to Hinata and scores. The beat does its job.

Hinata serves, Inarizaki digs the ball and goes for a double-quick set. Hinata is fast on his feet and he analyses the trajectory of the ball. He tries to dig the ball but luckily it hits his foot and bounces up to Kageyama and they do a fast set and score.

The team finds a way to understand the technique behind Astuma Miya’s serve. It is to count the number of steps. He does that and goes straight for Nishinoya with a strong serve. The ball flies right off of his hands. The second time Nishinoya manages to puts the serve up for them to score. In a shocking turn of events, Atsumu Miya does a quick play where he replicates something like the fast play Hinata and Kageyama executes. Everyone is stunned by this shocking turn of events. The unique quick set is no more unique.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

After the devastating blow of the quick set being blocked, the team tries hard to get back on track. Serve after a serve, Inarizaki starts growing stronger. Azumane steps up to the plate to serve. He tries out his new technique of clenching his fist to relax it before serve and Karasuno gets its first service ace of the day. Inarizaki performs another offensive play using a quick set. They block Hinata with their blocks as well.

These boys don’t let that get to you one bit. They pulsate like blood vessels and launch a fast attack against Inarizaki. They try to block the attack, but Hinata sees the blocker’s hand in slow motion and spikes the ball to score a point. Tsukishima goes to block the fast attack coming. He analyses his opponents and blocks them completely, providing Karasuno with some momentum to work with.

Photo Courtesy : Haikyu!! – Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

My review:

From the beginning, I’ve always been an anime-only kind of guy but after reading the manga, I’m a changed man. For a sports manga, it’s amazing how they make players and their plays look mighty impressive. All the players of Karasuno high school have gone through hell and back to reach this stage. Other than physical pressure, the mental pressure accumulated on these players is showcased. How they overcome those difficulties and overcome the odds is what makes this manga amazing. Chapter 249- 255 is action-packed and a treat to read. All the anime lovers out there start reading the manga. I know the second part of the anime is coming back in October according to reports, but the manga is truly amazing. It has heart, emotion, and pictures that move. It’s going to be worth your time.
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