Deca-dence episode 2: Sproket – A Review

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Deca-dence is a post-apocalyptic, survival series written by Hiroshi Seko and directed by Tachikawa Yuzuru. It revolves around a world where 90 percent of the population has been decimated. Monsters called Gadolls rein over the earth and a few of the population left to try to survive this circumstance.

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This episode starts with where the first episode left off. The Deca-dence tower launches an attack on the huge monster. It drains the oxyone, a liquid particular to the species of monster which is a factor for a sustainable life. We soon realize that the world we see is a real-life game where little people in a different world take avatars and play a real-life survival battle. We see that Kaburagi is a pint-sized person who was a top ranker.

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We jump backward, to 7 years before when Kubaragi was an active player of the survival game. He dawns the suit of a blue Homosapien who is equipped to kill even the badest of monsters.
He talks to his team about something called limit releasing. Its a cheat code by which a player can attain a lot of power with a risk that he might get injured in the process. His teammate Mikey wants to improve his score and approaches Kaburagi for advice.

Kaburagi , seeing Mikey’s desperation , tells him the way as to how to go about it but going over 20 percent is not a good idea.
Like an addiction, he goes over his limit and the officials above the rankers find out and destroy his existence.

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They find out that Kaburagi is the one who told him the secret to multiply his powers. He is punished and banished to be a double agent inside Deca-dence to extract chips of any bugs that reside in the system.

Natsume catches Kaburagi in the act of extracting the chip. Normally her avatar would have been deleted after the officials knew that she had found out about this. Kaburagi searched for her in the list of avatars and members and found out that she had already died. She is a glitch in the world and maybe an answer to something bigger than themselves.

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My review:

This episode was pretty good. The world-building done in it is a bit confusing but I think that in the upcoming episodes we find out what those race of small creatures and how the psychic link to the avatars work. I’m excited to see the training Natsume goes through to become a part of the gears. Its a really confusing kind of genre but if they execute it properly I think that this can be a very well thought out thing.
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