Deca-dence episode 1 : Ignition – A review

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Deca-dence is a post-apocalyptic, survival series written by Hiroshi Seko and directed by Tachikawa Yuzuru. The story revolves around a post-apocalyptic world where 90 percent of the human population has been decimated. A race of creatures called Gadoll seeks to eradicate the rest and take control over the world.

Photo Courtesy : Deca-dence


In the first episode, we see a team of survivors searching for clues in an excavation. Natsume, the daughter of one of the team members stows away on their vehicle to see the world.

A Gadoll appears to wreak havoc on the team. They flea for their lives in a vehicle and almost as they were going to reach their fortress, they are attacked with spikes by the monster. Their vehicle ricochets off the ground and goes in a tumble.

Natsume loses her hand and she is transported in a medical truck to the fortress, the Deca-dence. Her father and the other members fight the Gadoll.

Photo Courtesy : Deca-dence

We jump up forward a few years where Natsume has grown up and is enlisting to join the soldiers, who are called the gears. Her father had passed away in the battle and she wishes to join the soldiers to make a change to the way of life.

She gets rejected and instead she works on cleaning the outside of the fortress. That is where she meets Kaburagi- San who is the head of the cleaning department.

Photo Courtesy : Deca-dence

At the end of the episode, the fortress is attacked by a bunch of monsters. An accident occurs on the outside of the fortress where Natsume, Kaburagi, and 2 other falls of the ledge where there was one fatality. Kaburagi wears a hovering device and takes out almost 4 creatures on his own and magnificent fashion while saving Natsume from imminent danger.

After this, we see that things are not as they seem. The denizens are being manipulated by a different race of smart creatures and are used as avatars for their benefit.

My review:

The first episode was good for me. The pace of the show is moderate. It focuses on world-building at first and then it jumps into the story in the end. Many people might be under the impression that this might be an anime like Attack on Titan but it is different. There are 2 worlds, 2 types of races living. You could say that its something like Avatar the movie.

You cannot judge an anime by the first episode, it is progressing good and I think this can become a great anime in the future.
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