Black Clover episode 134: Those who have been gathered- A Review

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Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It revolves around Asta, a boy who lives in the Clover kingdom who does not have magic. His journey with the Black bulls and his goal to be the Wizard King is showcased in this series.

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Mereolena Vermillion comes to the Black bulls hideout and takes Asta and Noelle along with her. She tells them that something urgent has come up and their presence is required there. They are brought to the Vermillion residence where Fuegoleon , Mimosa, and her brother are present there.

Everyone speculates as to why there were brought over there. They suspect that it is to brief them about the devil of the Spade Kingdom.
An old face from the series appears. It’s none other than sister Theressa, Fuegulion, and Mereolena Vermillion’s mentor.

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They held a party for their old tutor and brought everyone so that they can celebrate it with her.

The party soon turns into a storytelling session. The previous endeavors of young vermillion siblings were discussed here. Mereoleona and Fugolion get into an argument and start fighting. Mimose and her brother also get into an argument. All are put to rest by sister Theresa and her wicked powers. She acknowledges the feelings of her pupils and says that she loved what they did for her and the children of the orphanage.

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My review:

This episode was basically filler. A slice of life episode if you will. The anime is catching up really fast with the manga and some fillers are necessary so that the illusion is not ruined. It was a heartwarming episode and a new side of the Vermillions was seen. An embarrassing side to that.

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The thing about this anime is that it is consistent always and keep that consistency always. It was a heartwarming episode that will make you fall in love with the vermillions even more.

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