God Of Highschool Episode 2 : Renewal / Soul – A Review

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I’m back with another review.
It is a good time to be an anime fan. The level of stuff that’s been going on has been crazy.
A new episode of God Of Highschool has aired and am speechless. This anime is continuously hyping me up.
Let’s dive in.

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God of Highschool is written and illustrated by Yonjhi Park. It has been adapted to anime from webtoon comics(manhwa). The premise of this show revolves around a tournament. Jin Mori enters a tournament called God of High school, where he faces off against many foes who possess different fighting styles. His journey to the top is focused on this.


The episode begins with a shot of the President who shares a familiarity with Robert Downey JR’s Tony stark. He is in a conference hall with other agents checking out the events that transpired on the island where a handprint with a cross has been seen. Park Mujin infiltrates the facility and confronts the president.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool

The scene cuts to the arena where some recuperation procedures are occurring after the big battle royale. The nano-technology that the administrators use and how their healing properties work is showcased here. Our three main characters go back to their homes but they take the same path.
They discuss their reasons for why they are doing this. Mori accidentally fiddles with Mira’s sword and it falls into the sea. A touching scene where all the friends help to find the sword is seen. It foreshadows a growing friendship between our characters.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool

The scene cuts to the next day’s events. A one on one no holds barred match. Anyone can use any style of fighting but there is only one rule, if you go out of the ring for more than 20 seconds you are disqualified.

Various qualify matches are shown in the episode and our main characters all pass with flying colors. The main aspect of this episode is the rivalry between Go Ghamdo, the Tai Chi user, and Kang Mnseok, the guy who has his hands tied up. It starts with Go Ghamdo overwhelming his opponent. He is overpowered in every way and kicked out of the stage. He comes back really strong and starts pounding on Go Ghamdo. One by one he releases his restraints on his hands and starts pounding on Go Ghamdo. He uses and Northeastern style of taekwondo which was used in the army for purposes of survival. He eye-gauges Gamdo, tries to break his hand and legs in an attempt to make him apologize to him for some deep conceited reason.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool

Watching the unbearable scenario unfolding our hero, Jin Mori steps into the stage and kicks Kang Menseok down. Something demonic rises out of him and tries to attack the administrators as well as Mori. But uses Taekwondo Mori subdues him.

Park Mujin enters the stage and subdues Mori. The coordinators take Mori to someplace to give him punishment for interfering in the event.

My review:

Again this anime has totally blown me away. Starting from the Intro song which has become so catchy I can’t stop hearing it. The scene between Mori, Mira, and Daewi is so heartwarming. Seeing their friendship grow is mesmerizing. The fight scenes look really solid. There is no lazy animation in this show. Everything is top-notch and accurate to the point. Slowly and steadily this anime is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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