One Piece Episode 932:Queen’s Sumo Inferno – A Review

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One Piece is back and it is going pretty strong. I have been waiting to see this episode ever since I read the manga and it was totally worth it.
I noticed that Toei animation has made an improvement to the anime. They don’t show like 1 and a half minutes of Recaps before the actual episode. I hope they continue doing this.
Ok let’s dive into the episode

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Luffy and Old man Hyogoro have been caught by Queen and his men in the prison. Luffy is offered by Queen to join the Animal Kingdom pirates but he refuses. In response to this Queen has plans to execute them.
He plans to have a little bit of fun with this. He announces that Luffy and Old man Hyogoro will compete with his guards in his Sumo Inferno , a sumo wrestling match. Its basically a sumo match and all the same rules apply. It’s just no hold barred.

The guards overconfidently confront Luffy and rush to execute him. Luffy uses haki and instantly immobilizes the forces in an instant. Everyone is shocked cause Luffy can use Haki .

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The scene cuts to the bathhouse where Nami, Robin, and Shinobu Chan have been relaxing for a while amongst the ruckus. Suddenly X-Drake and Hawkins arrive to scope the place. In a shocking turn of events, they reveal that they want to look at everyone’s ankles to reveal the reverse crescent moon tattoo. they request everyone with the said tattoo to go along with them.
This presents an unprecedented problem to the straw hats. Hawkins starts to remember Nami and at that moment Sanji shows up in his Germa 66 Stealth Black suit.

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X- Drake being from North blue realizes who stealth black is. Sanji, Hawkins, and X-Drake get into a fight inside the bathhouse while showcasing his powers. Sanji escapes with the ladies to where Ussop and the others reside.

The scenes ends with it cutting off to Luffy. His hunger for improvement is showcased and how he is going to attain that new power is going to be seen in the next episode.

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In the end, we see Zoro approach a bridge and I don’t want to give spoilers but the next episode is going to fire.

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My review:

This episode was everything I expected and more. This is where the pace picks up in One Piece as we edge closer to the events that are going to transpire. The animation has improved immensely and I will suggest anime One Piece who stopped watching the series should start rewatching from now. History is in the making and I think Toei animation is taking a new direction and trying to do justice to One Piece. I hope so

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