Do Indians watch anime?


Indians and Anime.
It is an age-old concept that has become nerve-wracking.

Hey guys I’m back with another post.
This not a review per se but an observation I’ve made in the few years that I’ve started watching anime.

Indian people tend to have different tastes altogether and this indifference leads to arguments. The misconceptions are plenty when it comes to lots of topics.


In India, Japanese Anime is considered merely as cartoons. Perusing through the mind of an average Indian, I can say that people don’t differentiate between cartoons and anime.

It is a common misconception to say that both are the same and appeal to a younger generation. People imagine it to be something that does not consist of violence or does not consist of real stories. They imagine it to only consist of characters whacking each other on the heads with clubs.

Well, No this is not what anime entails.

Anime is a good concoction of emotions, original stories, and characters. It is a long road that starts with the main character and the stories he has to share while touching other people’s lives.

Some anime is heart-wrenching and people miss the point of it saying that they are cartoons.
Anime is something that appeals to a younger generation as well as an older generation.


Photo Courtesy : Attack on Titan

There were moments when I have cried in joy and cried in sadness after watching some of these. There were times when my heart skipped a beat following the exhilaration that anime had to offer. That feeling that you get is incomparable to any cartoon of this generation.

Anime such as Attack on titan is gruesome and feel original even though it is of a make-believe world. It discusses a race of humans trapped inside several walls to survive like lab rats for centuries. The exploration of the world and human need, desire to escape, and see what is in store for us in the world. This is the premise of this show.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece

One Piece, an anime that has been running for over 2 decades in the industry has shown so many aspects of life throughout their journey. Death, friendship, sacrifices, topics upon racism, slavery, etc. are some elements that add to the lore. The main characters are pirates that are considered to be bad people but they show a different side to all that. The bureaucracy reigning superior over the world misuses their power and the pirates are against that. The adventures of these pirates, while they travel and helping people out on the way, is what makes one piece a true spectacle to watch.

Photo Courtesy: Ramayana: The legend of Prince Rama

Ramayana: The legend of Prince Rama which was directed by Ram Mohan, an Indian director in collaboration with Japanese Manga Artist Yugo Sako debuted in theatres on 10th May 1992. For some reason, people boycotted this movie that showed our culture and traditions and brought a visualized form to convey to the younger generation on what our grandparents used to tell us as fairytales. It didn’t get much praise in India because it was considered as a mere cartoon but all the kids who have seen it beg to differ. Most of them are old now and have their kids but the values acquired after seeing that spectacle will live on and it will be spread to the next generation.


Children have been eluded to the realities of the world and the consequences of such things. Cartoons today don’t inculcate that emotion that we had when we were younger. Most of the shows are being censored by the censor board. As a medium, you have to convey something that can be done better by visual media than by speaking or writing.

Anime is a concept that should be familiar to the Indian audience by now. I want to do my part to get this knowledge towards the people and I want them to see what we anime enthusiasts see. Original stories have more freedom when they conveyed through animation. The limits are endless.

Streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Crunchy Roll are rolling out anime for the masses in India, there is surely a change coming.

Hope you will start checking out some anime soon. It is worth it.

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