Black Clover – Episode 133 : The Lion Awakens

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Today we will be discussing episode 133 of Black clover. It has been a few excruciating months without our favorite animes but now they are all going to be back in full swing.

Black clover is a fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It follows the story of a boy who does not possess magic in a world where it is considered not normal. With the realization that he possesses something more, anti-magic that nullifies magic, our young hero pushes forward into the distance to achieve his goal. to become the Wizard King.


Ok, let’s dive into the synopsis for today’s episode.

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Mereoleona Vermillion has arrived at the Black Bulls castle and taken some of the members for training to the strong magic region, The Yultim Volcano along with the Crimson Lion Kings.
Mereoleona and Fuegoleon Vermillion explain that they will be training there before facing the devil of the Spade Kingdom.

The times have changed. Instead of reaching the top, they will have to reach the bottom, into the depths of the Yultim Caves. There they stumble into an old dungeon where traces of strong magical objects can be found. The group instructed by the wizard king goes on to search the dungeons for the magical objects.

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This episode revolves around Leo Vermillion and his uncertainty with his powers. He comes to the realization that he might not be powerful enough to handle the pressure of the mission ahead. His face-off with his colleagues alter ego in the last battle rattles him to make him question his abilities.

He encounters the humungous spider and fighting golems activated by its magic. Overwhelmed by the monster’s strength and the entrapment of his dear teammate who he respects so much, he reaches a deep state of focus and puts forth the will to fight and unlocks a new spell. In a great burst of flames, he pulverizes them and retrieves the magical item hence proving that he has a long way to go but that it is just the beginning.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover

My review:

After a long wait, the Black clover anime has returned. It’s a show I look forward to watching every week. This episode was a good addition to Leo Vermillions’ evolution and how strong he will get in the future. The passion and flair he demonstrates to save his Vice Captain and in the process to unlock a new spell are tremendous. The Black Bulls, Asta, and everyone are a step closer to reaching a high level since the last couple of battles. A scene in the end in the spring with Noelle and Mereleona demonstrates a wonderful relationship that is occurring between them. I have a feeling that Noelle considers Mereleona as a mother figure and of course wants to know about her biological mother from her.

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