God of High School: The new generation of anime arrives

Welcome to my review on episode 1 of God of High School.

God of Highschool is a webtoon Manhwa that has been adapted into anime by Crunchyroll and produced by Mappa Studios. It is written and illustrated by Yonjhi Park.

This first episode truly blew my mind. Every frame and every second of this was mind-boggling. It was so gripping that you would not apprehend the complexity of what occurred and how did it end so fast.

Introducing the characters:

The first episode introduces us to the main 3 characters of the show Han Daewi (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa ), Yu Mira ( voiced by Ayaka Ohashi), and Jin Mori(Tatsumaru Tachibana).

Premise and Plot of the show:

The basic premise of the show is that a martial arts tournament is held in Seoul, South Korea to decide who the best fighter is in all the high schools combined. All three characters posses different fighting styles and many more characters are being introduced who are unbelievable.

The animation in this is flawless. Every fight scene has been meticulously choreographed and the wait was worth it.

Every punch, every kick, and every emotion has been accurately portrayed.

This is the start for the anime but leaving the premise for this anime something is lurking in the shadows that have not reared its head out. It adds to the excitement.

The first set of scenes showcases a chase scene where all the three main characters coincidentally meet to stop a thief who rides off on a motorbike and it starts with a badass fighting sequence.

The second half of the anime starts with the tournament and I am not going to give you spoilers. Keep your eyes open to falling in love with martial arts.

My review:

Overall the first episode was more than what I expected. Being a fan of Tower of God, I had my hopes up pretty good and they took me to the top and send me flying high, wanting more. The first episode deserves a 10/10 for its delivery and you guys should check it out definitely.

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Please suggest me some good anime to watch and review as well. More content is on its way. See you soon.

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