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A Review from the heart

Hey Anime enthusiasts!

I am a final year law student who is also a long time anime fan and I find it endearing as to what magical worlds and ideas it has to offer. An audience to share this feeling with is what I desire.

I am starting this blog because for some years now I have not been able to write articles and blogs for some time cause of my busy schedule. The Covid-19 lockdowns gave me a good opportunity to watch tons of anime and bask in its glory. 

The reason for creating this blog site is two-fold.

Be perceived as a medium to share thoughts about your favorite anime and share your emotions relating to the various series.

I hope that this will provide a medium for anime lovers just like myself to express their opinions freely and discuss this.

I want to blog openly to the masses so that I can share my excitement and opinions about any kind of series.

I will be covering episode reviews and complete series reviews according to your wishes. So please comment below the posts on what you want me to review next and feedback is a must so that I can improve more.

I would love to connect with everyone who shares an interest and love for anime and would like to share their opinions, theories relating plot twists in the story, etc.

I would like to continue reviewing anime for the rest of my life if I can cause nothing brings me more joy than watching anime and getting immersed in that wonderful experience.

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